You can do INCREDIBLE things with a chronic illness
and this amazing group of women are proof

Join us starting on July 19th for the first ever Spoonie Entrepreneur Academy Summit! This week-long event features transformative, actionable workshop presentations from six incredible spoonie (and caregiver) entrepreneurs across many industries. 

This event is the culmination of each presenter's work over the past 6 months in the Spoonie Entrepreneur Academy - a mastermind for Spoonie Entrepreneurs who want to work less, earn more, and scale their businesses, hosted by Raquel Hellenga. 

Whether you are a spoonie, caregiver, entrepreneur, wantrepreneur, 9-5er, disability advocate, running a product based business, or a service based business - there is something specifically for you at SEA Summit 2021. 

Each presenter will offer a can’t-miss presentation in their area of expertise with a workshop component where you will participate and leave with actionable insights that you can apply to your life right now. 

And best of all? This event is 100% free.



Alison Hayes

Hunting For Dr. Right While Getting Over Dr. Wrong

Are you struggling to get yourself to see new doctors? Unhappy with the doctors you're seeing? Does the thought of going to appointments fill you with dread or fear? Let's talk about it! The right doctor for you is out there- this workshop will help you find them!

Kim Astacio-Murphy

Corporate or Caregiver?: Creating A Biz That Embraces Both

Being a working mom comes with its own set of challenges - add in an unexpected diagnosis or healthcare need for your child, and it's a near impossible situation to navigate.

In this workshop, Kim is sharing her journey from struggling full-time working mom to part-time business owner, how the skills she acquired as a special needs mom equipped her with CEO-level skills, why business ownership is the answer to your Corporate vs. Caregiver dilemma, and first steps you'll need to take toward that goal.



Should I Talk About My Illness In My Marketing?

It's the elephant in the room - should I tell a potential client I'm living with chronic illness?

In this masterclass, Nicole is stepping you through how to be vulnerable in your marketing in an impactful way.

You'll walk away from this workshop knowing how to tell the WHOLE story of your brand in a way that attracts perfect fit clients who want to work with you right now. 

Kari Hayes

Review, Reset, Renew

Chronic conditions chip away at the foundations of who we are and what we can do. They rob us of time and energy, and as a result many self-care fundamentals that sustain us can fall by the wayside.

In this talk we'll review the basics of self-care for spoonies, reset your expectations about your daily routine, and leave you with a renewed set of tasks and goals that help you rebuild your foundations, your way.

Michele Harold

Make Work Work For You

Get a 9-5 job with benefits. That’s the message. That’s the goal. But that’s not always how it works out. Finding employment is hard enough. Add in having a disability, and you may quickly realize that the workplace is not made for all. So why not make work work for you?

In this workshop, we will talk about identifying your ideal workplace – based on your values, needs, passions, non-negotiables, and skills. You will learn how to define what work would work for you BEFORE the job search. We will also touch on next steps: How to tailor your job search to positions and employers that fit your definition of meaningful work.

Penelope Brooks

My Journey Selling Luxury Alpaca Yarn

Alpaca fiber is the most luxurious fiber you will ever put next to your skin. It rivals cashmere in softness, wicks better than wool and insulates, making it the perfect fiber for hot or cold weather! 

In this talk, Penelope will talk about how she got started on this path, what inspires her and where she’s taking the shop next! 

Raquel Hellenga

Monday, July 19
2 PM: Summit Kickoff & Powerful Mindset Shifts for Spoonie Entrepreneurs

Friday, July 23
2 PM: Summit Wrapup & Work Less & Earn More For Spoonie Entrepreneurs

Raquel Hellenga is a life and business coach for chronically ill creatives and entrepreneurs.

As someone who has spent over 20 years living with a chronic illness, she knows that much of the well-intentioned advice for creatives and entrepreneurs just doesn’t apply to chronically ill individuals.

Join Raquel as she provides valuable insight into mindsetting your way into a business that works with your needs, working less, and earning more.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from other spoonies who are killing it in businesses across industries!


© Raquel Hellenga - Life & Business Coach for Chronically Ill Creatives 2021